Obtain Fair Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents in Indianapolis

Pedestrian accidents in Indianapolis have been a concerning issue due to speeding, distractions, and negligence behind the wheel. Getting hit by an automobile is nothing short of serious, with many victims either suffering from debilitating injuries or even paralysis. It can change your life forever.

At Gerling Law, we protect your rights and seek out your best interests to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries. Our law firm has helped numerous clients in the Indianapolis area and beyond. With 50 years of experience on our side, we’ve built up a reputation as one of the best law firms in Indianapolis. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

The Costs of Pedestrian Accidents in Indianapolis

Pedestrian accidents are more serious and catastrophic than many imagine. Even at slow-moving speeds, a vehicle can still cause significant bodily damage to an individual. If a vehicle is speeding, the collision could potentially be life-threatening. With accidents like these, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

The ramifications of pedestrian accidents go far beyond finances and into the realm of extensive mental trauma. It can impact you for years to come and even leave you with an irreparable injury. Things like medical bills, physical therapy, and lost wages are only some of the issues that victims are facing on the road to recovery. There are those that suffer emotional trauma for years, forcing them to completely change their lifestyle due to the incident. This is unacceptable, and the responsible parties must be held accountable.

If you’ve been involved in a vehicular accident, don’t wait. Call Gerling Law and tell us about your accident. Our expert attorneys are knowledgeable on everything surrounding pedestrian accidents. We’ll take your unique case and break it down piece by piece, so you can obtain justice for the negligence of the drive behind the wheel.

What Are the Causes of Indianapolis Pedestrian Accidents?

As we stated before, each pedestrian accident case in Indianapolis is unique so it’s difficult to break down how our legal team will approach yours. However, there are numerous ways an accident can occur. In many of today’s cases, the drive behind the wheel is held responsible due to negligence. This can come in the form of distraction, driving under the influence, failing to yield, and more.

If you walk away from an accident with a fracture or two, consider yourself lucky. Pedestrians in Indianapolis that are struck by a car suffer catastrophic and life-changing injuries such as spinal cord issues, brain damage, and paralysis. What makes this situation even more tragic is that many of these victims will never be the same, even after the recovery process. The emotional trauma involved is extensive and can be permanent. Explore your rights and give us a call at Gerling Law today. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you build a strong case and secure just compensation.