Do You Need an Explosion Accident Attorney in Indianapolis?

If you, a close friend, or a family member has been injured in an accidental explosion, you’ll want to contact an experienced explosion accident attorney in Indianapolis immediately. The experts at Gerling Law can represent you today. With 50 years of experience, we can help you explore your legal options and obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Our personal injury team understands the severity of explosions and the financial impacts that can occur post-disaster. Filing a successful injury claim for financial compensation will not only play a significant role in your recovery but will also help relieve the financial burden associated with this traumatic event.

An Explosion Accident Attorney Can Help You Secure Financial Compensation

An explosion accident can occur in any work environment – construction sites, oil refineries, office buildings, and more. With causes such as faulty wiring, gas leaks, malfunctioning smoke detectors, and old equipment, work environments are often one mistake away from causing irreparable damages. Our goal at Gerling Law is to ensure each client is well-taken care of from the moment we open their case to the final verdict. We see you as more than just a client; you are also a member of our family here at Gerling Law.

Our experienced attorneys understand the risks involved with working in a hazardous environment. With decades of experience on our side, we not only facilitate the entire process, but we walk you through each step in detail to ensure you understand what you’re entitled to. Your absolute satisfaction is what we aim to achieve, and we’re proud to be backed by hundreds of satisfied clients that are building a better future as we speak.

The negligence of many work environments has led to a variety of on-the-job accidents and wrongful deaths. In the wake of an explosion, those that have suffered both physically and psychologically are looking for answers. At Gerling Law, we can effectively provide you these answers. We know you want justice, and we’ll fight for you every step of the way.

What Causes an Explosion Accident?

An explosion can occur anywhere at any time. Injuries that are caused by unintentional explosions can result in a plethora of debilitating wounds, psychological damage, and even death. Many of these incidents are at the fault of the employer. Now, even though the company is mandated to provide medical care via workers compensation, insurance companies are complicating the process, making it much more difficult for you to receive the compensation that you justly deserve. This is where an explosion accident attorney in Indianapolis can help.

Not every explosion case involves filing a worker’s compensation claim. Negligence plays a pivotal role in obtaining repayment for lost income, medical bills, and damages that exceed monetary compensation. Our expert explosion accident attorneys will take your unique case and support it by filing against the parties that are responsible for your recovery.

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to file against multiple parties – be sure to review your incident with one of our skilled attorneys today. Give us a call at 888-437-5464 today, and we’ll help you and your loved ones obtain the compensation that you deserve.